Donation of $50 or $10

A donation of $50 dollars covers delivery and pickup of a boxed library to a school.  Your donation covers cleaning, repair, and replacement as well as a supply kit for the teacher.  

A donation of only $10 will allow us to purchase three new Children's Books which will be added to the Box Library.  With your help, we can equip more schools  with high quality children's books.


Many of the children in Honduras live in extreme poverty. Those lucky enough to attend school find themselves in underfunded schools with an extreme lack of supplies.  

These children have no access to Children's Story Books to encourage reading and foster a love of literacy that will serve them well for their entire lives.


Leonard's Library is a boxed library of 50 books and gives young children access to high quality and engaging literature. A combination of Fiction and Non Fiction these books contain titles of varying difficulty to reach all levels of readers.

donation of $250

Your donation of $250 provides a school with a new boxed library of 50 books as well as a supply kit for the teacher. These books can open up the world to a rural Honduran child!