Friends of Education is a non-governmental organization based in La Buena Fé, Honduras. Our mission is to assist with educational programs in rural Honduras. Scholarships for young ladies, box libraries for rural primary schools and nutritional lunch programs.

L. Lee Fike Holland

Lee is Board Member and Secretary for Friends of Education, Honduras.  She and her friend Linda Vanderlaan help raise funds by holding High Tea Events twice each year.

Lee has owned and operated several businesses.  She is a singer/ songwriter and continues to entertain at local events in her community.   She enjoys the beauty of the foothills of Appalachia at her home in the Smoky Mountains.

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North Georgia Volunteers

Dr. Luke Beno, M.D., a pediatrician from metro Atlanta, Georgia, volunteers his time in Honduras.

Along with his parents, Katy and Jim Beno, of Blue Ridge, Ga., Dr. Luke conducts medical clinics in rural mountain villages for Hondurans who have little or no access to health care. Their focus is children in the mountain schools.

Contact Jim Beno at   for more information about North Georgia Volunteers.


​Gary and Paula Rummel

Gary is Board Member and Treasurer of Friends of Education, Honduras. 

Gary is also a Board Member of the Community of Christ Health Ministries Association. He can be reached at


​​Damaris Sarmiento

Damaris, the National Director of Friends of Education, Honduras and recipient of a Futures Scholarship continued her education past High School and attended the University.

Her success is a testament to our program and is evidence of how supporting a young girl's continued education helps her become a role model dedicated to improving her country's future.

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​​​​​Lottie Brown, R.N.

Lottie, a retired registered nurse, together with her husband, Leonard, started Friends of Education, Honduras after witnessing the birth of a baby to a 13 year old child. She serves God by supporting young women's continuing education into middle and high school. 

Lottie is devoted to helping young Honduran women stay in school, graduate, pursue chosen careers, and plan parenthood.  Her efforts greatly improve the lives of young girls, and their families.


Dr. E. Leonard Brown

Dr. E. Leonard Brown is a Professor Emeritus of Geography at Wittenberg University where he taught for 27 years, from 1971 to 1998.  

During his tenure there, he traveled frequently to Honduras and was inspired by the spirit and tenacity of the Honduran people.

Together with his wife, Lottie, they founded Friends of Education, Honduras and spent the past 24 years volunteering his time and talents to improving lives with his boxed library program.
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